Ref: 6149492

Rhinomer Narhinel Soft Nasal Aspirator for Baby

Ref: 6149492

Ultra delicate nasal aspirator designed to remove dirt residues from babies' nostrils.

Gentle on babies' noses

Disposable refills

Available Colorsúnico

Matches size

Limited Availability

    How to Use
    Place a refill on the central body of the vacuum cleaner. Place the suction nozzle in your mouth and the end of the refill in one of your baby's nostrils. Aspirate gently, little by little and regularly, through the suction nozzle. If the refill is full between two aspirations, remove the secretions for a tissue, blowing through the breathing mouthpiece, or replace the refill. Repeat in the other nostril with the same refill. Eliminate the dirty refill.
    Usage Advice
    Rhinomer Baby Narhinel Soft Nasal Aspirator was specially developed to eliminate the nasal secretions that bother your baby. Nasal aspiration is recommended whenever the baby has a blocked nose, as many times as necessary. It has an ergonomic shape and its refills with absorbent filters are made of a soft and flexible material. It allows safe, hygienic and easy use on the baby's nose.
    Narhinel Soft Nasal Aspirator Baby
    • Narhinel Soft Nasal Aspirator Baby