Ref: 6412825

Rhinomer Baby Narhinel Disposable Refills for Nasal Aspirator

Ref: 6412825

Refills compatible with the nasal aspirator indicated to remove dirt and impurities from babies' nostrils

Soft and flexible material

With absorbent filter

Available Colorsúnico

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    How to Use
    Help your baby to breathe better using the Rhinomer method: two simple steps to unblock the baby's nasal passages and help restore his breathing. Step 1: Nasal cleaning with Rhinomer Baby Extra soft force or single dose Narhinel. Step 2: Nasal aspiration with Narhinel Soft - Rhinomer Baby Nasal Aspirator. The refill must be discarded after use, to avoid contamination / reinfection of the baby.
    Usage Advice
    Rhinomer Baby Flexible and disposable refills for the Nasal Aspirator, can be used from the first day. Babies don't know how to breathe through their mouths. When the baby is constipated, mucous membranes obstruct his nasal passages making it difficult for him to breathe, eat and sleep. The disposable refills used with the Narhinel Soft - Rhinomer Baby vacuum cleaner are very hygienic and facilitate the elimination of mucus, thus preventing the appearance of complications such as otitis, bronchitis, etc., very common in babies. The disposable refills of soft and flexible material with absorbent filter make aspiration very easy, safe and hygienic for the baby's delicate nose. Each refill, individually packaged, contains an absorbent filter that ensures maximum hygiene and retains mucus.
    Product Details
    Contains 10 disposable refills.
    Rhinomer Baby Narhinel Rec Fl Desc | x10
    • Rhinomer Baby Narhinel Rec Fl Desc | x10