Ref: 6208108

Rhinomer Baby Nasal Spray

Ref: 6208108

Nasal spray indicated for daily cleaning of the nasal passages of babies and for the prevention of otitis and other infections

Daily hygiene of the nasal cavities

Zero force

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    How to Use
    Spray in each nostril 2 to 3 times a day. For best results, use in conjunction with the Rhinomer Baby Narhinel Nasal Aspirator. Wash the nasal applicator with hot water after each use.
    Usage Advice
    Rhinomer Baby Nasal Spray Extra Soft is a very gentle nasal spray recommended for babies in situations of nasal congestion and cleaning the nasal cavities. It has a package that offers an exclusive diffusion system, allowing a homogeneous and smooth nebulization of the nasal cavities. It has a non-return valve, to avoid contamination of the product after each use. With a propulsion system that allows its use in any position.
    Product Details
    100% natural sea water, without chemical additives. Isotonic solution (0.9% NaCl). No preservatives.
    Rhinomer Baby Nasal Spray | 115mL
    • Rhinomer Baby Nasal Spray | 115mL