Ref: 1011999

Coffret Sunkissed Brush Bar

Ref: 1011999

Coffret containing makeup brushes and bag for glam makeup

Gift packaging

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Available Colorsúnico

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    How to Use
    Apply the make-up base and spread with the make-up brush. Apply the eye shadow with the eye shadow brush. Apply the blush to the cheekbones with the blush brush. At the end, wash the brushes and store them in the bag.
    Usage Advice
    Feminine coffret containing a set of make-up brushes and a bag to store and transport them. Contains a brush for blush, a brush for eyeshadow, a brush for spreading the makeup base and a makeup bag lined with glitter. The brushes feature colorful bristles for a stylish make-up ritual. Special packaging, suitable for gift.
    Coffret Sunkissed Brush Bar
    • Coffret Sunkissed Brush Bar