Ref: 6541870

Uriage Isophy Monodoses


Ref: 6541870

Sterile thermal water in single doses indicated for the hygiene of the nose and eyes of the baby and the whole family.

19 x 5mL

Uriage thermal water

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    How to Use
    Press the single dose 1 to 2 times per nostril and clean with a tissue. In the eyes, soak a sterile compress in the solution and clean the eye from the inner to the outer tale. Discard the compress and use a new one for the other eye.
    Usage Advice
    Uriage's Isophy monodoses thermal water is indicated for daily nasal hygiene of the baby's nose and eyes and in case of a blocked nose or congested eyes. Uriage thermal water has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic properties, soothing and moisturizing action on the nasal mucosa and baby's eyes. It allows to gently cleanse, relieve and protect nasal mucous membranes. Sterile and fragrance-free formula. Hypoallergenic.
    Product Details
    Composition: 100% Uriage Thermal Water
    Uriage Isophy x18 Monodoses
    • Uriage Isophy x18 Monodoses