Ref: 6058909

Valmel Oral Solution Drops

Ref: 6058909

Sleep aid food supplement.


The sleep aid

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    Usage advice
    Valmel Gotas is a sleep aid supplement that contains melatonin helping to reduce the time needed to fall asleep. It acts as a sleep aid in situations of insomnia, anxiety or stress. Ideal for jet lag situations. Not recommended during pregnancy, to breastfeeding women, unless medical advice. Not recommended to children.
    Product details
    Composition: Purified water, Fructose, Melatonin; Preservative: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; Gelling agent: xanthan gum, aroma
    How to Use
    Take 2 drops a day, directly in your mouth or diluted in a non-alcoholic drink, 30 minutes before bedtime.
    Valmel Oral Solution Drops | 30ml
    • Valmel Oral Solution Drops | 30ml