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Ref: 6923748

Vichy Homme Mousse Sensi Shave


Ref: 6923748

Ultra-smooth shaving mousse with anti-irritant action suitable for sensitive skin and redness.


Sensitive skin

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    How to Use
    Apply the shaving mousse to the face or the shaving brush and apply the razor to remove hair from the beard. Rinse at the end.
    Usage Advice
    The Sensi-Shave Shaving Mousse is a shaving care in mousse indicated for sensitive skin and prone to irritation due to shaving. It is indicated in case of ingrown hairs, pimples caused by shaving, irritations and redness because it contains calcium, glycosylated vitamin C and salicylic acid which prevents the skin from heating during and immediately after shaving. The skin is protected, soothed and deeply hydrated. High tolerance formula.
    Product Details
    Composition: Aqua/water, Stearic acid, Triethanolamine, Palmitic acid, Glycerin, Isobutane, Polysorbate 20, Butane, Cocamide mea, Dimethiconol stearate, Hydroxyapatite, Lauryl betaine, Parfum/fragrance, Polyquaternium-7, Propane, Sodium chloride.
    Vichy Homme Mousse Sensi Shave | 200mL
    • Vichy Homme Mousse Sensi Shave | 200mL