Ref: 6069724

Wock Block w/ Hospital

Ref: 6069724

Monoblock clog designed to provide long-lasting comfort and easy maintenance.



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    How to Use
    It can be machine washed up to 90°C or sterilized at 134°C. Do not use aggressive detergents, solvents or corrosive cleaning products. To dry, place the clogs in the air at room temperature. Keep away from heat sources. The model''s lifespan depends on factors such as the floor, hours of use, user weight, etc. We recommend wearing with socks. This clog can be damaged by chemicals such as citric acid, mineral oil, gasoline and diesel.
    Product Details
    Open Wock Bloc w/ Hospital Clogs are ideal for activities in which professionals spend many hours on their feet and tend to have fatigue and discomfort in the feet and legs, namely: Operating Room, Hospitals and other Health Institutions, Pharmaceutical Industry.
    Developed by WOCK® for environments that require the highest standards of hygiene, Steri?Tech? technology allows sterilization up to 134 °C and has antimicrobial and odor resistance properties.
    While its anti-static capacity increases safety, comfort and quality are duly ensured by its high durability and resistance to use.
    Impact absorption: A simple and practical clog that provides an ideal posture. The design of the heel allows the absorption of impacts and prevents the appearance of micro-injuries, as well as the feeling of tired legs.
    The Z-Absorption technology works as a shock absorber that absorbs the impacts of walking on a flat surface or on steps, enhancing comfort and protecting joints. At the same time, the structure results in a lighter clog, increasing resistance to fatigue.
    Non-slip: The simplest clog for intense use and with an excellent grip on slippery surfaces.
    Wock Block w/ Hospital Soca Strap Size 38
    • Wock Block w/ Hospital Soca Strap Size 38