Ref: 6084244

Wock Senses Aqua

Ref: 6084244

The internal water drainage channels make the Senses the ideal sandal for use in swimming pool or spa areas.



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    The sandal is produced in EVERLITE, a material that, in addition to high resistance, comfort and quality, is incredibly light. With anatomic insole, removable, flexible, breathable and machine washable up to 40ºC.
    Product Details
    Wock Senses Aqua designed to be used in water, the Senses contains holes and internal drainage channels throughout the entire sandal and insole, which capture the water inside the sandal and drain the liquid out, keeping the foot dry and facilitating walking. on wet surfaces. Thanks to its optimized height of the wedge, the Senses also contributes to a correct posture through the perfect distribution of the body''s weight, thus reducing lumbar fatigue and the feeling of tired legs.
    Wock Senses Aqua size 38
    • Wock Senses Aqua size 38